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Nic Robb
2 min readApr 29, 2022


I will give you my super-secret/not-so-secret formula to think creatively.

Our minds are full of what we need to do or what info we need to remember that we don’t get lost in ideas. I’ve been emptying my mind recently, and it’s incredible the things that pop up to fill the void. Empty yours, too, if you want to fill your metaphorical canvas and be a creative star.

Here’s how it’s working for me


In the morning, I get myself on task.

A quick template from Mel Robbin’s 5min journal starts my day. Skipping this is a disaster for me; a poor start to my day = a bad day. After three months of journaling this way, you’ll be infinitely more focused.


To do lists, crowd brain space.

I get from my head and in the cloud as fast as possible. This one action alone keeps my head out of the clouds. I follow a bastardised version of GTD by David Allen, so I’ll action things in a timely way.

I also use software called ‘things 3.’

2nd Brain

Similar to tasks, projects and other areas of my life need attention.

My 2nd Brain comes in; BASB, a course taught by Tiago Forte, teaches the principles I’ve adapted to dump things in a way that’s easy to use quickly later. This is a cheat code for anyone struggling in life.

Trust me; I’ve got a three-year-old and a two year old; I’m using all the cheat codes I can get my hands on.


If you’re focused on a particular set of ongoing interests, a zettlekasten will be your best personal assistant.

I’m still at the very beginning of my journey using a zettlekasten, it’s described in the book ‘how to take smart notes by Sönke Ahrens’ and Bob Doto of the HIGH PONY newsletter, and Nick Milo of LYT are super passionate about dissecting the aspects of zettlekasten. If you’re involved in anything you can call a career, this is your boss-level cheat code. By creating a zettlekasten — a german term for ‘note box’ you’ll have a lifelong personal Wikipedia for whatever your curate.


Now it’s time to create!

Mind’s clear. Life’s organised. Cheat codes engaged. And there’s a heap of personalised resources ready to go. If you’ve copied me and followed the steps above, creating will be ten times easier.

I want you to empty your head

Keep that rich soil free to grow new things. Check out my resources links in the comments

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