How to manage your back pain

Nic Robb
2 min readApr 28, 2022


Having chronic back pain sucks! Let me show you how to manage it.

Once you know how to deal with your back pain effectively, you can choose to live happily. The people that don’t have to put up with your complaining will be happier too.

Unfortunately some people decide not to take this advice on board and continue to live with pain for years.

If you’re not in pain you can enjoy more of life.

people choose not to take control of their chronic back pain because:

  • They don’t realise that pain is an emotion, not a physical condition
  • They hold onto previous education around pain instead of learning something new
  • Changing routine is too difficult for them
  • They don’t seek personalised advice

But that’s not you is it? Of course not!

Because I’ve got some tips for you:

Step 1: Understand that pain isn’t physical

Understanding that pain is all in your head is important!

Hunger is controlled by your brain through hormones, Libido is controlled by your brain via hormones, fear, sadness, compulsion are all the same. So is pain! They’re all emotions.

I walked into a supermarket that my ex girlfriend was in the other day, I turned the corner and walked the other way without thinking. The pain of the past influenced my subconcious actions automatically.

The same happens if you sit too long or move awkwardly, your brain engages a pattern it learnt from your car accident 10 years ago.

Step 2: Unlearn the idea that something is ‘out’ or ‘broken’

We fail to feel better because we haven’t ditched the idea’s that make no sense. Like laying still in bed can physically shift something in your back.

When i was 10 years old, ripping mad skids on my BMX if I had a stack! Then I peddled back to my mum at warp speed for help. Through many similar experiences I learnt that when I was in pain something was damaged… which is incorrect! Because, I’d sometimes peddle back home quickly with not even a graze on my knee.

Step 3: Challenge your movement patterns (just a little bit)

If you start training new movement patterns it creates a understanding of what you can do safely.

Taking up yoga and going just a little bit past what feels easy will rewire your brain. Now you can move a little bit more without bringing up old memories, instead it has new memories.

Chiro’s, PT’s/physios, osteo’s all harness this idea in different ways and can help too. I would encourage anyone with pain to seek personalised advice that fits them specifically.

A great practitioner will help you un-learn the idea that something is out and that your unexplained recurring pain is and emotion.

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