How to manage your back pain

If you’re not in pain you can enjoy more of life.

people choose not to take control of their chronic back pain because:

  • They don’t realise that pain is an emotion, not a physical condition
  • They hold onto previous education around pain instead of learning something new
  • Changing routine is too difficult for them
  • They don’t seek personalised advice

Step 1: Understand that pain isn’t physical

Understanding that pain is all in your head is important!

Step 2: Unlearn the idea that something is ‘out’ or ‘broken’

We fail to feel better because we haven’t ditched the idea’s that make no sense. Like laying still in bed can physically shift something in your back.

Step 3: Challenge your movement patterns (just a little bit)

If you start training new movement patterns it creates a understanding of what you can do safely.



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Nic Robb

Nic Robb


Chiropractor & Dad. I help people understand health and wellbeing: