Kid’s love Bluey’s Dad. Copy these traits to be their hero.

  • works from home,
  • is on top of chores and available to his kids
  • Is honest, about pain or exhaustion as (legit) reasons to avoid his kid’s pleas

He plays games

Bandit shares his childhood games, participates in imagination, and plays rough.

  • Imagination teaches sharing and interaction.
  • Rough play allows children to better handle their emotions when they’re older.
  • And other games teach us how to fail to learn. Neuroplasticity works through trial and error.

Prioritises family

For me, fatherhood is often missing out on fun with friends.

Recognises life lessons

Bandit is the master of serendipity



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Nic Robb

Nic Robb


Chiropractor & Dad. I help people understand health and wellbeing: