Kid’s love Bluey’s Dad. Copy these traits to be their hero.

Nic Robb
2 min readMay 7, 2022


I’m jealous of Bandit, the Aussie cartoon dog.

I watch Bluey in the morning with my kids. We all shovel down overpriced gluten-free Weet-Bix together. And I take mental notes of what Bandit does so I can copy him. Not only is he pursuing his passion for digging things up as an archeologist. He connects via telepathy with his children.

As dad he

  • works from home,
  • is on top of chores and available to his kids
  • Is honest, about pain or exhaustion as (legit) reasons to avoid his kid’s pleas

But gives in to every one of their requests by choice

He plays games

Bandit shares his childhood games, participates in imagination, and plays rough.

Every single one is crucial for well-rounded child development.

  • Imagination teaches sharing and interaction.
  • Rough play allows children to better handle their emotions when they’re older.
  • And other games teach us how to fail to learn. Neuroplasticity works through trial and error.

Prioritises family

For me, fatherhood is often missing out on fun with friends.

I can relate to Bandit, he wants to play footy with his mates but doesn’t since the kids have arrived. And it’s because he wants to be with his kids more. So when opportunities arrive like getting some friends over to pull a stump out of the ground he gets to have it all. Until his daughters convince him and his friends to get their makeup and nails done.

Is it an overshare to say I’m looking forward to this day in my life?

Recognises life lessons

Bandit is the master of serendipity

Anyone would think his life is pre-determined with the outcome written first. When his kids are doing bush wee’s and dinner got thrown across the road, he always points out the life lesson. One lesson is: If you do the work for someone else, they don’t learn the lesson for themselves.

Do the work, and watch Bluey with your kids. You can be their hero.

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