Our child’s birth story: A cautionary tale tomorrow’s parents need to know

Nic Robb
2 min readMay 3, 2022


I wasn’t concerned. I wasn’t the one giving birth.

Trying to fit the birth classes in after work was a little bit of a struggle but we found a class that worked for us, it was a home birth kinda situation. Since we’re both in allied health fields we look just outside the box regarding medicine, this fitted the bill well.

Sorted! We were ready to bake this bun and bring them earthside.

Setting the space at home was a challenge

We had just bought a beautiful home that needed a little TLC.

The clock was against us but we managed to pull a few long weeks as well as organise enough candles to burn the whole place down, playlists for the labour and a big blowup indoor pool. Did I mention it was an at-home water birth?

A few meetings with a self-proclaimed women’s advocate doula put my mind at rest, now we had an expert by our side for the baby’s arrival.

Things didn’t go to plan

By day 4 of labour, we needed to make a call

Guidance up until this point had been lacking.

The candles were now just wax puddles. My wife’s emotional screams were exhausted painful groans but we didn’t know what to do. Four days. I didn’t know if my wife was going to be ok, my baby, were they ok. I hadn’t slept, I wasn’t ok.

We ignored our at-home expert and went to the hospital.

I still don’t know if everything is ok.

Our baby arrived and I love her absolutely, we don’t believe there are any further effects from her birth.

We realised that we are more mainstream medically minded after that week.

I encourage anyone to make their own decision but base it on the best available research.

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