We don’t pay for knowledge

Nic Robb
2 min readApr 24, 2022


Do you believe your clients don’t pay for your time? That they pay for your experience and education?

You’ve spent an eternity studying, gaining experience, and figuring out what works for particular people and situations. But your clients value your time more.

The truth is you don’t get paid for your knowledge OR your time. You get paid for the value you provide.

and your value is solving their problem.

Someone in pain pays their doctor to get them out of pain.

It doesn’t matter how many letters come after the doctor’s name or where they’ve trained. The doctor can take a minute or a day. But all that matters is that they solve the problem, the pain.

Your previous experience or consultation length is not more important than solving your client’s problem.

Listen and zero in on your client’s desired result.

Ask them what they want.

It’s pretty easy, “what result do you want for paying me?”.

Be direct. Then once you know what their problem is, solve it.

Tip #1: Give a roadmap. Is it an instant fix? No, share the proposed road ahead.

Tip #2: Be honest. If you know you can’t solve their problem then be honest and tell them you can’t.

Tip #3: Refer. If someone else can solve their issue when you can’t, then refer them on. You’ll get credit for knowing where to send them.

What you’ve done previously isn’t of value to your client today.

Their problem is all that matters. Solve it to provide value.

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