Your story is boring: 5 🔥 tips to keep your audience engaged


Matthew’s “homework for life” is a concept where at the end of each day he records the most story-worthy moment.

Story-telling leads to more opportunities:

When your mind is geared to think about your “homework for life” then you see the day through a different lens.

Better storytelling makes you a better friend, sibling, spouse:

By sharing the story later, you start thinking about things outside of yourself.

Vacation stories

Matt’s rule about vacation stories is — that no one wants to hear about your vacation.

Stories are about tiny moments

A story is about a 5 second moment in your life


Now you don’t have to torture your family and friends anymore.

Level up and keep them entertained



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Nic Robb

Nic Robb


Chiropractor & Dad. I help people understand health and wellbeing: