You’re not sitting too much

Nic Robb
2 min readApr 25, 2022


You might think that sitting is bad for your back, so you stand up instead.

Advertising campaigns have expressed that, “sitting is the new cancer”. And we believe it, repeating the sentiment to anyone complaining of a sore back. It’s hard not to believe it yourself. Especially when you’re in pain from a long drive or spending the evening on the couch.


  • Standing desks populate offices
  • We commute non-stop for too long
  • Chiropractors like me see patients regularly for low back pain

Sitting isn’t the problem. Not moving is!

When you don’t move around, your internal tissues are forced down by gravity at a microscopic level.

When I was a younger person with a lot of energy and no grey hair, way before kids were on the scene, I would go to a concert and stand for hours. Then jump on a train, get home and feel incredibly sore in my back. If I moved around more during the day and had gone for a walk before jumping on the train I wouldn’t have felt sore.

I didn’t sit down at the concert, but I also didn’t move very much. Fortunately, when we’re younger we bounce back better.

You might recognise a similar story in your own life now. Maybe your standing desk hasn’t solved your back pain issue. Stop thinking sitting is the devil, you just need to take a step or two in the right direction.

When you’re at work next:

Get up and move around instead of standing still for the day

Fill up your water bottle every hour, and go to the toilet every half hour.

When the day is over and you have less pain and more energy you’ll thank yourself. Imagine if your family is excited to see you when you walk through the door because you’re not in pain and are happy.

Let’s stop investing time and money into not sitting.

Sitting isn’t the problem. A lack of movement is likely causing your low back pain at the end of the day.

We know that we’ve been sold a solution previously that doesn’t work. But the new solution, that does work is accessible, cheap and effective. Our offices of the future will have carpet worn out from walking between the water fountain and toilet. — And you’ll go home energised and happier.

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