You’ve failed to start your own business due to only 1 reason

Nic Robb
2 min readSep 13, 2022


I’ve owned a small health business for over 13 years.

During that time I’ve seen friends fail to start their own business’. It’s because they never take that first leap. They think they can’t do it, and never realize their lack of belief is what is stopping them. I know because I was there once too.

Some things I’ve done that got me nowhere:

  • Over-planning: Truth is once I got going I had to keep going. A brief plan is good but spending more than a day outlining what to do is procrastinating.
  • Looking at why not: Everything that I’ve ever achieved has come from looking at “how to”, and not “why I can’t”…. “There’s a hurdle, how can i get past it?” Quick and dirty wins, it’s not a race, there’s no rules. Only conventions. It’s ok to ignore them… crawl under the hurdle.
  • Lack of belief: I know, I’m repeating myself here. But you know what? This point needs repeating. I know that I can! Then get going. If there’s a hurdle, I get past it …….anyway I can. My hack: hire someone that removes the hurdle for me (I make sure they’ve moved those hurdles before)

“What the mind can believe and conceive it can achieve” — Napolean Hill

Getting going is difficult, it broke my brain the first time I started my business. But if it all fell apart, it would be easy to hit the restart button. Failure only happens when starting doesn’t happen. And hurdles aren’t ever at the end of a race.

No worries though, we’ve all had false starts and hit hurdles.

Get going again.



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